Supporting Video Material

Many submissions to MobileHCI can benefit from further illustration than is possible in a static paper. Therefore, authors are encouraged to include video material with their papers. The optional digital video that you include with your submission will be used only for confidential internal distribution to the reviewers. Videos supporting paper submissions should be anonymous.

Authors should make video material short and accessible without being misleading. A video should give the same impression as a live demo. Videos about technology mock-ups should be clearly indicated as such. Mock-ups should be avoided when the video is about an implemented system.

The supporting video accompanying a submission for review is used only to help reviewers evaluate the submission; accepted paper authors will have the chance to submit a higher-quality video for the electronic conference proceedings. The UIST website has a nice guide describing how to make good videos.

Although a video may help the reviewers understand your paper, your paper must stand alone without the video: although it would be nice if they did, not every reviewer will watch your video. On the other hand, the video need not be stand alone, because the reviewers will have the paper. However, the paper must be understandable without the video, and the paper should not include any references to the video. You can assume that everyone who has the video has the paper, but not vice-versa.

Rest assured that we will not duplicate for public distribution any video included with your initial submission, so please don't worry! Those files will only be used during the review process, and then all copies received by MobileHCI will be destroyed or deleted.

All authors are encouraged to use video when appropriate as part of their conference presentation or to accompany their paper in the proceedings. A high-quality master copy of each video file should be sent to the proceedings chairs by the date indicated in the acceptance notifications for inclusion in the proceedings, which will be distributed to conference attendees only. Videos will be distributed along with the proceedings. Information will be provided later about the video formats that will be accepted. As with videos submitted during the review process, it is not necessary for the videos to stand alone - it is assumed that everyone who sees the video will also have access to the paper proceedings.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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