.NET Gadgeteer Hackfest

Important Dates

  • July 15, 2013, 10 am EST: Application Deadline
  • July 21, 2013: Notification of Acceptance
  • August 27, 2013: Hackfest Day


The .NET Gadgeteer Hackfest will be held in Munich during MobileHCI 2013, on August 27, 2013. Three teams of 3 people will be given the opportunity to build a wearable / mobile device within limited time and resources using the .NET Gadgeteer platform. What the groups have to build will be uncovered on Hackday-morning 9:00 am. Projects have to be finished by 6:00 pm and presented to the community. This seems like a very short time, but check out our Blog to see what others have built within 3 hours.

The three selected teams will receive free registration to MobileHCI conference 2013 as well as a prize based on their final ranking. There is no support for travel. Additional to the provided .NET Gadgeteer hardware components there will be a budget of 100€ for additional components. At the location, there will be a minimum hardware lab, pre-configured development computers and a laser cutter available for use. Teams are welcome to bring their own laptops. The event will be documented on video and maybe shown online. The rights of development remain with the team but teams are required to present their creations in public.


Anybody with experience in hardware hacking is invited to send in an application. Teams must consist of 3 members. Applications should include a short motivation, experience in this field as well as a short bio of all three members (overall 1-2 A4 pages, see template). From all applications three teams will be selected by a jury based on their previous experience and their potential to create interesting solutions. Teams with interdisciplinary skills (e.g. design/HCI/hardware/software competences) are encouraged to apply.

Notification of acceptance will be sent out on or shortly after 21st July 2013.


Send applications to: hackathon [at] hcilab.org



  • August 27th, 2013, (MobileHCI Workshop day)
  • Premises are open from 8am on
  • Hackfest starts at 9am
  • Projects need to be finished by 6pm


  • Rooms of LFE Medieninformatik, Amalienstrasse 17, 80333 Munich

General conditions

  • Each team needs to consist of 3 members
  • Only three teams selected by the jury may participate
  • Results need to be presented to the community before MobileHCI Workshop dinner (~7pm)


Results will be assessed and ranked by the jury.

  • 1st place: 900€ per team
  • 2nd place: 600€ per team
  • 3rd place: 300€ per team
  • All selected teams receive free registration for MobileHCI 2013
  • There is no recourse to the courts.


  • At least 2 Gadgeteer Spider Kits per team
  • Most Gadgeteer modules that can be found here or here will be available for use
  • Additional components up to 100€ that are available at Conrad Munich can be ordered and will be collected by student volunteers within 1-2 hours at the hackfest day
  • 3 soldering stations, multimeters and others basics tools will be available
  • A laser cutter and assistance by a student volunteer


This event is sponsored by Microsoft Research.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.


Important Dates

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