Call for Sponsors

We invite you to support the MobileHCI 2013 conference through financial sponsorship.

The MobileHCI Series provides a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss challenges and innovative solutions for effective interaction with mobile systems and services. The conference covers the design, evaluation and application of techniques for all mobile and wearable computing devices and services. The conference proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library one of the most important publishers of computer research in the world.

Supporting the event is an ideal way to demonstrate your organization's interest in and commitment to the field and to publicize this support to many leaders and students in the field. Sponsors also improve the quality of the conference, display support for the community and demonstrate their commitment to the area of research activity. We have three corporate support levels. Corporate support is very important to the conference, and the conference committee ensures that these contributions are well recognized. We list the benefits and costs below. (If you can think of another benefit that would make this more attractive to your company, do let us know!)

Previous Sponsors

Previous sponsors of MobileHCI include:

  • Governmental established agencies and organizations: Kista, sponsors of Mobile HCI in Stockholm (MobileHCI 11); ANACOM (MobileHCI 10); SenterNovem of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (MobileHCI 08); and Germany's UMIC (MobileHCI 09).
  • Research institutes: Fraunhofer (MobileHCI 09) and Singapore's MXR (MobileHCI 07).
  • Mobile telecommunications companies: Vodafone (MobileHCI 08-10) and Telefonica (MobileHCI 09-11).
  • Mobile hardware and software creators: RIM (MobileHCI 08), Microsoft (MobileHCI 02-05), Ericsson (MobileHCI 10-11), Google (MobileHCI 10-12) and NOKIA (a sponsor since the inception of the conference in 1998, in Glasgow).

Sponsoring Opportunities

We have 3 levels of sponsorship: Champion, Benefactor and Donor. In addition, there are a variety of opportunities to sponsor specific elements of the conference (and get further exposure for your company or organization). Details are below.

Packages are negotiable in regards to the items they include and can be adjusted to specific needs. Note that all amounts are listed in €, but equivalents in other currencies are welcome.

Long-term sponsoring opportunities are also available for all the packages below. They include the same benefits and can be made through three different modalities.

Champions (€ 12,000 or greater contribution)

Corporate Champions receive all the benefits of benefactors, as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Your company name will be listed in all the material as a Champion Sponsor. You will receive special acknowledgement in the conference announcements and publications.
  • You will get one additional free registration (for a total of three), so three people from your company can attend the conference for free. You will get the chance to hire the smartest. Researchers, doctoral candidates, and industry leaders meet at MobileHCI every year. If you are in the lookout for creative, innovative individuals, this is the place to be. If you are interested in recruiting at the conference, drop us a line and we will accommodate you.
  • You will get to have a large exhibit booth at the event named after your company, from which you can offer literature and other freebies, and talk to attendees.

Benefactors (€ 6,000 or greater contribution)

Corporate Benefactors receive all the benefits of donors, as well as the following additional benefits:

  • You will get two registrations for someone from your company to attend the conference.
  • You will get a special invitation to give a demonstration of your choice as part of the MobileHCI 2013 demo night.
  • You will receive one additional free registration (for a total of two) so that your employees can attend the conference and the workshops.

Donors (€ 2,500 or greater contribution)

In recognition of your corporate sponsorship at the Donors contributor level, MobileHCI 2013 will acknowledge your support in the following ways:

  • Your company name and logo will be used in all conference announcements, and on the advance program.
  • Your company name, logo and link will be included in the conference web pages.
  • We will list your company's contribution at the opening and closing sessions of the conference.
  • You will have the opportunity to include material and giveaways with the conference material for each attendee.
  • You will have the opportunity to get a stand with a small bistro table to talk to conference attendees.
  • You will get one free registration for someone from your company to attend the conference.
MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.


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