The Reviewing Process

The Program Committee and a set of external reviewers, both consisting of recognized experts, will review submitted papers. Then, at their meeting, the committee will select those papers to be presented at MobileHCI 2013.

2013 Committee Process

  1. In the week following the submission deadline, the Papers Chairs will assign each submitted paper to a primary reviewer who is a member of the paper committee. Papers that are inappropriate may be rejected during this assignment process, without being sent to a primary reviewer. Papers will normally be rejected at this stage only if they are clearly off-topic for MobileHCI 2013, or if they are discovered to have been published previously or to have been submitted simultaneously to another conference or journal.
  2. The primary reviewers may, upon conferring with the Technical Papers Chairs, recommend a paper to be rejected without additional review. A paper will normally be rejected at this stage only if it falls into one of the categories listed in phase one, but this fact was not detected during the initial paper assignment. It is possible, although unlikely, that a paper may also be rejected at this stage if it solves a problem that is known to be already solved; or if it does not cite (and the authors seem unaware of) important prior work on the same problem and doesn't address how it is different; or if it has no evaluation via proof, experiment, or analysis; or if it is solving a problem sufficiently minor that the senior reviewers do not believe that it belongs in the program; or if it addresses a topic that is clearly outside the purview of MobileHCI.
  3. The primary reviewers distribute each paper to at least three additional experts, called external reviewers. The primary and external reviewers all write full reviews. Thus, at least four reviews are written for each paper that has not been rejected during phases one and two. The primary reviewer knows the identities of the authors of the papers, but the external reviewers do not.
  4. After the primary and secondary reviewers complete their reviews, any paper for which the four reviews fall below a rejection threshold will be rejected. These rejected papers will not be discussed at the PC meeting.
  5. The full papers committee meets April 18, 2013, to determine acceptance or rejection of each paper. In cases where a consensus on a paper was not reached during the pre-meeting discussion phase, additional committee members may read the paper and write short reviews, and their evaluations will be taken into account in the decision.
  6. After all reviews are complete, reviews will be distributed to authors.

Possible Outcomes for a Paper

Email notifications of the Technical Papers Committee's decisions will be sent till April 26, 2013. The notifications will place each paper in one of the following two categories:

  1. Rejected
  2. Conditionally accepted for presentation in its current format. Papers in this category go through the conditional acceptance process (below) to verify that any changes required by the primary reviewer have been made.

Conditional acceptance

Conditionally accepted papers undergo a second reviewing process, in which a referee (a member of the Papers Committee) verifies that the final version of the paper is acceptable (that any required changes have been made, and that other changes made by the authors, perhaps in response to reviewer comments, have not compromised the paper in any way). This second and final stage determines the final acceptance status of all papers. The referees' decisions are final. Papers that do not satisfy the referees in the second stage of reviewing and/or that are not uploaded in final form by the camera-ready deadline, together with the original or revised versions of the submitted supplementary material, will be rejected. Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings.

Review Criteria

Reviewers of MobileHCI papers will be asked to fill out an online review form. The form will consist of the following questions.


The overall rating of the quality of this paper (Rate 1-4), taking into account:

  • the contribution to the field of mobile HCI
  • the appropriateness of the research for this conference
  • the quality of the presentation
  • the overall quality of the research


How inspirational did you find the paper? Did the research presented excite you or make you think in new, interesting directions? (Rate 1-4)


Rate your expertise in the topic area. (Rate 1-4)

The review

Justify your ratings for contribution and inspiration. Comment on the problem that inspired the paper, how well the authors addressed the problem, and how well the paper presents the research.


Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.


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