Proximity Sensor - Privacy-Aware Location Sharing
Heiko Müller, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
Jutta Fortmann, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Janko Timmermann, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
Wilko Heuten, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
Susanne Boll, University of Oldenburg, Germany
Time: Thu 15:30 - 18:00 | Session: Demos and Posters Session | Location: Demos and Posters Area

In this paper we report on a participatory design study with young girls. Our goal was to create a mobile phone app to display the spatial proximity of friends in an abstract and privacy-aware manner. A group of 16 girls worked along the user-centred design process to create initial paper-based designs of an app that respects one's friends privacy while displaying their proximity to allow for spontaneous meetings or re-grouping after separation. Our participants created very promising results which we intend to implement and evaluate further against a broader audience.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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