A Study of Developing Auditory Icons for Mobile Phone Service Applications in Taiwan Region
Jiunde Lee, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Yu-ning Chang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Time: Thu 15:30 - 18:00 | Session: Demos and Posters Session | Location: Demos and Posters Area

Mobile technology advancements incite expansive opportunity spaces in value-added services to users. This however also introduces critical user experience problems (visual occlusion/clutter). Dynamic contexts of use of mobile phones and diverse functionalities compete for users’ visual attention. Interaction designers might need to rethink the design and evaluation of such user interface types. The present study aimed to explore the possible design concepts and rationales of auditory icons for mobile phone service applications in Taiwan region.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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