Linear Interface for Graphical Interface of Touch-Screen: a Pilot Study on Improving Accessibility of the Android-Based Mobile Devices
Daniel Kocieliński, Institute of Mathematical Machines, Poland
Jolanta Brzostek-Pawłowska, Institute of Mathematical Machines, Poland
Time: Thu 15:30 - 18:00 | Session: Demos and Posters Session | Location: Demos and Posters Area

The article presents the idea of creating a blind-friendly Versatile Multimodal Linear Interface (VMLI) model for touchscreen-based devices as well as the results of pilot study and implementation of VMLI. VMLI enhances operation of touchscreen-based mobile devices and facilitates the use of a touchscreen by the blind. VMLI transforms a planar layout of objects into hierarchically structured linear lists that allow non-sequential access to items. List items are read by VMLI using installed text-to-speech software; users navigate through lists and select items using specific touchscreen gestures preferred by the blind. VMLI allows choosing user’s preferred method of text input: using a virtual QWERTY keyboard, a virtual Braille keyboard or a physical one of a Braille notetaker. The results of preliminary research on pilot implementation of VMLI into the Android system, concerning functions like managing contacts and composing messages to selected recipients, give grounds for continuing works on VMLI.

MobileHCI 2013 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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